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Hydrogeologic Assessments
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Water Rights and CWRE Services
Expert Witness Testimony
Pacific Hydro-Geology (PHG) has a broad range of experience performing hydrogeologic investigations in support of a wide variety of projects including selection of locations for domestic or irrigation wells; determining if adequate ground water resources are available for proposed developments; permitting on-site wastewater treatment systems; and assisting municipalities with water resource issues.   PHG's staff also have background encompassing field activites such as monitoring well installation, and soil and ground water sampling.
Pacific Hydro-Geology is dedicated to assisting clients in developing cost-effective solutions to problems associated with water and property development.  Many of our projects involve an interdisciplinary approach combining one or more of the professional services we provide.  We take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. 

Specific professional services include: 

• Hydrogeologic Assessments
• Aquifer Storage and Recovery​
• Water Rights and Certified Water Rights Examiner (CWRE) Services
• Expert Witness Testimony
​• Interdisciplinary Services
Combining expertise in water rights and hydrogeology (see also Interdisciplinary Services, below), PHG has established itself as one of the leading consultants providing water rights services in the Willamette Valley. PHG currently has over 100 active clients and provides a range of services including water rights applications, transfers, limited licenses, claims of beneficial use, and hydrogeologic investigations in support of complex or contested cases. PHG’s clients include farmers, nurseries, vineyards, golf courses, schools, commercial and industrial facilities, and municipalities. PHG is one of a few consulting firms chosen by the Oregon Water Resources Department to assist in the expedited processing of transfer applications under a contract services agreement.

PHG has experience in preparing and giving expert witness testimony for public and court hearings.  Some cases have involved land use issues, water quality, water availability, impacts to water resources from proposed quarry acitivies, and impacts to local hydrologic conditions from nearby construction activities.  

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will help find the best solutions for you.
The broad, diverse backgrounds possessed by both principal staff provide PHG with unique abilities for a firm of its size to handle interdisciplinary projects. For example, with most surface water supplies already over-appropriated, ground water typically represents the only available source for new water rights. However, new ground water rights are often limited by the surface water availability because of the interconnection between ground water and surface water sources. Therefore, obtaining new ground water rights often requires not only a thorough knowledge of water rights procedures and regulations, but also the ability to evaluate the relationship between the proposed ground water use and potentially impacted surface water sources. In other words, an effective water rights examiner must also be a hydrogeologist in order to have the skills necessary to address many of the complexities now inherent in obtaining water rights these days. Many other projects conducted by PHG require unique combinations of professional services.  

Interdiciplinary Services
Aquifer Storage and Recovery
PHG has been working with farmers in the Mount Angel, Oregon area to develop cost-effective sources for water that can be used for small-scale aquifer storage and recovery projects.